photo by Nancy Magana 

photo by Nancy Magana 

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 "Ring Ring Ring" Those were the words that sparked my love for writing. In the fourth grade, hitting the keys to spell out those three words to my first little book, which was about a girl being taken captive and a subsequent ransom (a subject 8 year old me knew much of), drove a deep love of story-telling and story-hearing into my heart. I've been writing ever since. 

I love movies, books, and long coffee dates. Pretty much anything that gets me immersed in someone else's world or imagination. Food is another love of mine. Eating it, cooking it, reading about it; no matter which way you dice it, I just love food.  

My husband is hilarious. Hands down the funniest human I know, he makes me take life much more light-heartedly than I would otherwise do. We currently keep two animals alive in our home, one a cat and one a dog, and we live out our days in good ol' Kansas. We should've named our dog Todo...what was I thinking? Missed opportunity. 

I'm so honored you're taking time to read  my work. My hope is you'll leave each peice feeling hopeful, understood, or at least get a laugh out of it. But above all, I would love to hear from you. Please, drop a line in the form on this page or reach me on Instagram or Facebook.  Let's start a conversation, y'all.